The jazz and music scene in San Diego and Southern California is populated with a very talented group of people. The following links will lead you to the creative and accomplished musicians that bring the very best of the human experience into their individual sound.

Jaime Valle

Bob Magnusson

Holly Hofmann

Mike Wofford

Allan Phillips

Rob Thorsen

Peter Sprague

Duncan Moore

Randy Porter

Monette Marino
Russel Bisset
 Bill Cunliffe
Richard Glick
Flip Oakes
Joe Garrison
Michael Ross
Gunnar Biggs
Patty Zlaket
Steve Williams
Art Rodriquez
Sue Palmer
Shep Meyers
Cahill and Delene
Tim McMahon
Billy Mintz

Kenny Ard

Roberta Piket
Mikan Zlatkovich  mikan zlatkovich
Gilbert Castellanos
Larry de la Cruz
Ken Dow  Ken Dow

Jazz in the Park